I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me over the last ten years. You have put up with my whining and not practicing and gotten me from Faber’s arrangement of Ode to Joy to Beethoven’s Grande Sonate Pathetique! I will enjoy playing piano for the rest of my life.
— Katie-high school student

Thank you so much for helping me accomplish things that before would have seemed impossible—playing for Andre Laplante’s master class, performing at my school, and conquering five difficult pieces for my senior thesis. I will never forget you and the things you have taught me will be with me forever.
— Sarah-high school student

No amount of words can even describe my gratitude towards you. You have put up with my pajama wearing and intense awesomeness, and I will forever cherish the memories I made at your home and at the recitals. In addition, you have given me the greatest gift of all—music.
— Josie-high school student
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! Josh came to enjoy music more deeply, and his affection for playing the piano is growing under your guidance and encouragement.
— Sohee, parent

It has been my pleasure knowing you for over a decade. Although I may not have always practiced each week, I appreciate your patience and understanding. You have all had such a large impact on my life. I will miss you immensely.
— Josephine-high school student

My life will be richer, more joyful, and happier as music will remain an important part of it. And for that, I will always be grateful to you. You have made an indelible mark on my musical life and will remain my special piano teacher.
— Inson-adult student

Thank you so much for the
lovely recital. Callum is very
enthusiastic about his music.
— Maureena-grandmother