Our mission is to instill and develop a lasting enjoyment of music. We strive to respectfully treat each student as a unique individual with distinct talents, personality and interests.

We desire not only to develop their musical abilities, but also to build into their lives the disciplines of perseverance and a strong work ethic which in turn lead to greater self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment of music and life.

We take our teaching seriously and believe lessons should be enjoyable and yet at the same time challenging.  While we don't expect all of our students to become career pianists or musicians, we do expect our students to commit to practicing an adequate amount of time in keeping with their level and to strive toward their full potential. Though we adhere to a set of core music and methods books, we also care about each student’s developing musical interests.  Therefore we try to accommodate their musical taste by offering additional supplemental and motivational music.


  • Our teaching program includes instruction in the traditional style along with music technology and interactive software.
  • We teach all levels from beginner to advanced, and lessons are available for children beginning at age 4, and adults.
  • Fall and Spring recitals are held along with other playing opportunities.
  • Our studio features 2 teaching rooms, waiting area, toy closet, bathroom, and a separate entrance and exit at our back door.
  • We have a friendly home environment, conveniently located off Kenny Road near SR 315 and Riverside Hospital.

About the Lesson

During this 30 minute period of traditional instruction, the student is taught both the fundamentals & discipline of music and playing the piano.  The teacher listens and evaluates the progress of the student’s assigned pieces and guides him/her in developing their musicianship, piano technique and their general understanding & enjoyment of music.

Up to 15 minutes will be spent independently in addition to the regular lesson.  During this time the student is given an enjoyable and challenging opportunity to work with a variety of music software programs through the use of a keyboard & computer.  As an effective compliment to the individual instruction, the purpose of this optional time is to reinforce the learning of theory, rhythm, ear training, sight-reading skills, music history and music appreciation.  

Two weeks prior to a piano recital, students will have an approximately 1 hour group lesson in place of their regularly scheduled private lesson. During this time, students are given the opportunity to play for their peers and receive input from both teachers.  This time has proven to be a tremendous help in preparing our students for recitals.

Performance Opportunities

We hold a Fall and Spring recital each year.

This is a chance for our adult students to play in a casual setting in our home. We enjoy food and conversation while sharing our most recent pieces.  No pressure allowed!

Students prepare two memorized pieces and play them before 2 judges for written evaluation and a rating. This is a non-competitive, positive and motivating event and is held annually at The Ohio State University School of Music in March.

Students play for a panel of  judges and receive comments and ratings on their performance. Note: This is a school-sponsored event so students should inquire with their school music teacher.

Students play for a panel of  judges and receive comments and ratings on their performance and a winner is chosen.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to put forth an honest effort by practicing a minimum of 5 days/week.  
Beginning students should practice a minimum of 10-15 minutes/day and more as they 
progress.  A commitment to consistent practicing is most important to the overall success and enjoyment of piano lessons.

Any written assignments (i.e. theory book work) should be completed at home before the next lesson.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in recitals and to have their piece/s well prepared and memorized preferably 2 weeks before the recital date.  (memorization does not apply to duets.)

While we’re not expecting students to be cheerful and prepared at every lesson, they should come with a willingness to learn and be respectful in how they conduct themselves during their lesson.   

It’s very important for students to voice their questions and comments during lessons so we 
can learn their musical interests, learning style as well as be confident that they understand 
new material and concepts.  
Note: Parental input is also very valuable and strongly encouraged in helping us to understand
your child better.