What age is a good age to begin piano lessons?

It does depend a lot on the individual child, but if he or she is expressing a lot of interest and has a reasonable attention span, it is possible to begin traditional lessons as young as age 4. We have enjoyed using a book series that is geared toward very young children. Lessons at that age are often more varied, with games and music activities incorporated as well as time at the piano.  

What if we don’t have a piano?

We definitely recommend at the minimum investing in a good quality keyboard with full size weighted keys to start. If your child is progressing well and continues to show interest, then we encourage moving on to an acoustic piano to develop better technique and musicality. It is very important to have a well maintained and/or tuned instrument in the house that is easily accessible so that practice can happen on a regular basis. We are happy to help you in the decision making process.